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Heat Treating
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AccuTemp Heat Treating, Inc.
services include cryogenic freezing, nitriding, carburizing, tool and die hardening, bright stress relieving, annealing.
Advanced Heat Treat Corporation
plasma and ion nitriding.
Alfe Heat Treating
offers ferrous and non-ferrous heat treating in IN, OH, and NC.
Applied Process, Inc.
specializing in carbo-austempering and austempering systems.
Blue Blade Steel
focused on tempering steel, provides enhanced material structures.
offers heat treatments, hot isostatic pressing, materials testing, and metallurgical coatings.
Chicago Flame Hardening
specializing in flame hardening, stress relieving, and mechanical straightening.
Cornerstone Systems Inc.
software for the heat treating, plating, coatings, and metal finishing industries.
Doxon Engineering
surface heat treatments including plasma nitriding, plasma nitro-carburizing, induction hardening, and duplex case hardening.
Elmira Heat Treating
heat treating and metal finishing services.
Euclid Heat Treating
providing an array of services in northeastern Ohio.
Gyrotron Technology, Inc.
offers microwave radiation generated in the form of the gyrotron beam.
Heat Treatment Pty Ltd
provides a variety of heat treatment processes including normalising, carburising, vapor degreasing.
Induction Heat Treating Corporation
family owned and operated induction heat treating business that takes pride in our crafstmanship and personalized service.
Ken-Koat Group
specializes in heat treating.
Metal Improvement Company
specializes in shot peening and heat treating services.
Metallurgical Processing, Inc
specialize in heat treating and hard material coatings for the aerospace and commercial industries.
Nitrex Metal Inc.
offers gas nitriding systems and services.
Paulo Products Company
provides commercial heat and cryogenic treating, brazing, and metal finishing services.
SM Engineering Co.
builds heat treating furnaces for the jewelry, metalworking, and electronics industries.

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