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Ausgiant Marking Systems
provides a broad range of metal marking equipment from basic hand stamps to fully automated and computerised hi-tech solutions for identification, inspection, and inventory control.
Automated Laser Corporation
medium-speed CO2 laser marking systems for automated industrial applications.
Columbia Marking Tools Inc
<B><FONT=ARIAL><FONT size=-2><FONT color=#f3c027> [SPONSOR]</FONT></FONT></FONT></B> - offers air impact markers, hand stamps, numbering heads, roll marking systems, hot stamping machines, and more.
Control Laser Corporation
industrial beam-steered laser marking systems.
Control Micro Systems, Inc.
manufactures custom turnkey industrial laser systems for marking, coding, etching, cutting, and drilling.
Epilog Laser
manufacturer of CO2 laser engraving, marking, and cutting systems. Also includes engraving tips, technical articles, and links.
General Laser, Inc.
industrial laser equipment.
Laserdyne Prima
maker of laser marking and drilling systems.
manufactures, installs and services laser marking equipment; primary market is the packaging industry.
Marking Machinery and Marking Devices
contains links to manufacturers of stamps, engraving, dies, steel type, and metal markers and machines.
Schmidt Marking Systems
manufacturer of laser marking roll, press, pin, and scriber marking systems as well as steel type, numbering heads, hand stamps, marking tools, and accessories.
SIC Marking
specializes in permanent and industrial marking and traceability products and services for all industrial sectors.
Spectrum Technologies
supplies UV laser wire marking systems for the aerospace industry.
Telesis Tech
designs and manufactures pinstamp and laser metal marking systems.
manufactures laser equipment for engraving, marking, and cutting a range of materials.
Vision Computerized Engraving Systems
manufacturer of computerized marking systems for use in making awards, advertising specialties, product and parts embossing, sign making, and more.
Worldwide Laser Service Corp.
marking equipment, service, repairs and spare parts.
Zaniboni Laser Marking
laser marking machines for industrial application.
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