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Shasta: acquires stamped concrete manufacturer
In a push toward vertical integration, Shasta Industries Inc. recently acquired FossilCrete Inc., a manufacturer of stamped concrete systems. The sale was for an undisclosed amount.

FossilCrete was founded in 2002. The Oklahoma City company began as a contractor, creating artificial boulders, waterfalls and vertical stamped concrete forms, eventually making its products available to other builders. The firm has doubled in size each year, according to Stanton Pace, the company's former president who has been retained as director of new product development.

"This is a dream come true for our company because now we'll have Shasta's tremendous marketing, sales and training support backing up our product," Pace said. "Those were our biggest hurdles because we were growing so fast. This will allow us to take the line to the next level."

Shasta plans to operate the FossilCrete line under the company's sister division, Xcel Surfaces. For 10 years, Xcel Surfaces has made decorative concrete for custom decking.

"This is a good marriage for us because it allows us to increase our product offerings," said Andy Blake, manufacturing operations officer at Shasta of Phoenix, a Pool & Spa News Top Builder. "It's also a good fit with our pool-building business under Shasta Pools & Spas."

The acquisition represents Shasta's continued pursuit of vertical integration by bringing additional manufacturing operations in-house. For example, the firm also owns A&A Manufacturing Inc., which produces automated pool products such as in-floor cleaning systems and chlorinators. "Having manufacturing capabilities that other pool- [building] companies don't have allows us to be more independent," said Blake, who will oversee the new business segment.

Added Pace, "Now that we're free to pursue new ideas, we're going to come up with a bunch of new products."
On that note, he said that some manufacturing, research and development, and technical service will remain at FossilCrete's plant in Oklahoma City. But business operations and additional manufacturing for FossilCrete will be moved to the Xcel Surfaces facilities in Phoenix.

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