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Mobile Phones Have Changed the World
Probably most middle age generation will remember the times that the only mode of mobile communication that was possible, just 15 years ago was just by using beepers to receive messages about people who had called. However with the advent of cellular phones or mobile GSM phones, the concept of communication changed thoroughly to create a different world for every one.

Now with the ability to use mobile phones, you can stay in touch with anyone in the world 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. You can easily conduct your business more efficiently, keep in touch with your friends and family continuously. Being unreachable has become a part of the past, as you can easily just use mobile phones to reach and to be reachable.

With international roaming agreements, you are not even bound by the boundaries of your country as you can easily use your number almost anywhere in the world without any difficulties. Of course, due to all of these advantages, mobile phone market has been a very dynamic and competitive one. There are many service providers that are competing with each other to give you the best possible rates to you so that you can talk even more cheaper. Most of them launch campaigns that allow you to even talk free for certain periods of time. Even making international calls have become much cheaper compared to the past and in some cases the usage of your cellular phone can be much more cheaper than your land line.

Another competition in the field of mobile phones is definitely by the phone manufacturers. They make better phones and more flashy phones every year. Nowadays with your mobile phone you can easily communicate with your friends have over 100 hours of stand by time on most phones without recharging, be able to use the Internet with GPRS and EDGE Technology, use a USB interface or a Bluetooth device to uplink to computers and other mobile equipment and you can use them to send multimedia images, videos, sound recordings with your phone. In fact the competition is so fierce on the mobile phone market, you can find phones that function just like a digital camera. Most phones come with at least 2 Mega pixel digital lens and some phones may come with as high as 5 Mega pixel resolution. Some phones come with full walkman capabilities and there are phones in which you can easily just change tracks just with the flick of your wrist. There are even phones that measure your heart beat and the amount of calories that you burn during your workout. Thus there are variety of phone accessories and chargers on the market for cellular phones. So the market is quite competitive, but this just allows the general user to enjoy more relative freedom when it comes to purchasing a phone.

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