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Connecticut collet manufacturer expands for eighth time
Southwick & Meister, a supplier of collets and guide bushings for CNC and cam-operated Swiss-type lathes, has expanded its Meriden, Connecticut, manufacturing facility. A new two-story, 90-foot by 100-foot space now houses the facility's CNC department.

Company Vice President Robert Meister says the expansion will be the last one for this facility. The company has expanded eight times since moving here in 1970, and it has now filled out this site.

Still, additional space was a relatively easy need for the company to address. Mr. Meister says one of the company's more difficult challenges recently has been finding qualified manufacturing personnel to meet the company's expanding staffing needs.

To provide a sense of the volume of this company's manufacturing operation, the pride of the current facility is an "Okamoto department," in which 37 Okamoto grinders are devoted to machining the inner diameters of the company's larger-size collets and bushings.

Smaller sizes are ground on 20 modified Die Quip die grinding machines. In the expansion, these aspects of the facility's operation have remained in place.

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